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Modern gamers order paid help services to improve their skills or deal with the most difficult in-game activities, just like you order food, call a taxi or hire a fitness instructor at your gym. Helping players enjoy their favorite games is precisely the kind of service we, LFGroup, have been providing since 2016. Over the past four years, we’ve helped more than 400,000 players solve their game-related problems and have also provided job opportunities for more than 3,000 semi-professional players who are now working as full-time pro gamers.

We are working in the USA and European markets. We are the most fast-growing gaming company in the world, and we desperately need a specialist who will contribute to our marketing team, taking responsibility for iterating and coordinating display and video campaigns in the main advertising and social media networks.

Right now we are working closely with 5+ games, and we need a person who will help us successfully work with 20+ games.

What does a typical working process look like?
We discuss an offer we’d like to make on YT, FB or Instagram, our budget, and success criteria for the advertising campaign. You identify the target audience and develop offers (on your own or together with our content and outsource team). You track the performance on a daily basis and make corrections to the advertising campaign if needed. Then you check the results and draw a conclusion.

What we are expecting you to do:
1. Control the launched advertising campaigns;
2. Launch new graphic and video campaigns;
3. Test new audience, offers, messages, creatives;
4. Test long and short funnels for different types of traffic from the first contact to the successful purchase in № touchpoints;
5. Improving the advertising campaign performance;
6. Analyzing the work done (CTR; CPM/CPC; CAC; ROI; LTV).
Required skills and knowledge:
1. GA / Amplitude;
2. Expert with G.ads and FB marketing
3. Expert with Excel / Google Sheets
4. Attentiveness;
5. Results-oriented mindset.
What we are offering:
1. Gross salary starting from 1000 USD per month depending on the level of your expertise;
2. Remote 40-hour/week work (5/2)
3. A chance to experiment and a real opportunity for professional and career growth.

Send your CV to emin.alekperov@legionfarm.com themed “CV: LF Targetologist”.
Don’t forget to attach a cover letter and the results of your previous work, e.g. a chain of campaigns or one campaign with creatives and results from CTR to the number of purchases, purchase conversion, and ROI.

Категория:Маркетинг / реклама / PR

Подкатегория:прочие ...

Город:Украина, Одесса

График работы:постоянная удаленная

Знание языков:English

Дата размещения:22.05.20

Заголовок:вакансия Targetologist G.ads/YT/FB Одесса


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